Sunday, June 11, 2006

Tears of Love

Tears of Love

Genre : Animation
Category : Others
Format : 2D-3D
Type : TV-Series
Duration : 5min x 50
Author : Aniframe
Director : Nicolas Kang, Jeonga Seong
Year : 2003
Production : Aniframe Co., Ltd

One day a young thief was caught in old Matthew's "Bookstore of Hope." Looking at the young child, old Matthew remembers his own poor childhood. When Matthew was young, he liked to read comic books like any other child.
However, Matthew's family was poor and his father could not afford to buy Matthew all the books that he wanted to read. So Matthew began to steal books from a bookstore and secretly read them in his room.
Matthew's father, unaware of such happenings, spent his time sadly looking into a watch containing a picture of Matthew's mother. Matthew began to steal books more frequently. However, one day Matthew got caught while stealing. The owner of the bookstore and all the neighbors gathered around Matthew's father with eyes of disgust and demanded compensation. Poor Matthew's father handed over his precious watch containing his wife's picture instead.
Matthew couldn't look at his father for shame and fear of what he had done. Matthew lay in his bed pretending to sleep, but he was crying with his eyes tightly closed. Soon, Matthew's father came into Matthew's room, silently hugged Matthew and stayed that way for awhile. At that moment Matthew realized how much his father loved him.
When Matthew's father went to sleep, Matthew secretly walked out and went to the owner of the bookstore. He returned his stolen books and in return got back his father's precious watch. Matthew then placed his father's watch containing his mother's picture next to where his father was sound asleep. Only after that was Matthew able to happily dream of his mother in heaven. Matthew, now old, woke up from his cloud of memories and looked at the young thief caught in his bookstore. Instead of punishing him, he gave the young child a pile of books as a gift.
What Matthew had given the child was not merely a book, but lost dreams.

The animation 'Tears of Love' is a sample of 'Looking for Happiness', which contains 50 short touching stories. In each episode a boy travels all over the world to look for true happiness.
This work is aimed at foreign markets and uses higher production qualities in comparison to Korea's successful KBS 'TV Dong Hwa' by selecting themes based on those used by other foreign countries, and appropriately uses the comic style of 2D animation with added 3D animation effects.
We are planning to release this animation in Korea (SBS), as well as in seven other Asian countries including China (CCTV), three CIS countries including Russia (RTR), and other European and South American countries. Also after televising, the animations will be produced into books, educational media, and character merchandise to further profits through content diversification.

My Beautiful Girl, Mari

My Beautiful Girl, Mari
Genre : Animation
Category : Action/Adventure, Others
Format : 2D-3D
Type : Movie
Duration : 85min x 1
Language : Korean
Author : LEE Sung-gang
Director : LEE Sung-gang
Producer : CHO Sung-won
Year : 2002
Production : Siz Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Distributor : Chongeorahm Films

Once in a lifetime, love becomes a fairytale. A secluded seaside village. Namoo is a twelve-year-old boy who has lost his father and lives with his grandmother and mother. His only friends are Junho, who is the same age as he is, and Yeo, his cat. One day in the stationary store in front of his school, Namoo discovers a mysterious shining marble. He thinks about it all night, and the next day he runs to the store to buy it, but is disappointed to find that it is gone. Namoo and Yeo are playing near the old lighthouse when Yeo runs inside. Namoo follows the cat in and is wandering around when he discovers the mysterious marble on a shelf. The instant a beautiful light shines through the marble, the interior of the lighthouse is suddenly transformed into a world of fantasy. Namoo is about to fall into nothingness when a girl covered in white takes hold of his hand and lifts him up. A world of beautiful light and fantasy opens up beneath them. The next day, Namoo tells Junho about the adventure, but Junho is incredulous. So they visit the lighthouse together and see Mari. After that, the two boys share the beautiful secret together. But while the boys continue their wonderful encounters with Mari, Namoo's grandmother collapses from illness and their village is engulfed by a storm and Junho's father falls in danger...

A much anticipated movie bound for the international stage is an animated feature film by image-maker and director Lee Sung-Gang who was recognized by the world's most renowned Annecy Animation Film Festival. After attracting the international animation industry's interest with , director Lee Sung-Gang now establishes himself as an animation artist capable of representing of Korea.
More wondrous than legend, more beautiful then a fairytaleis a pure and innocent fantasy of love based on director Lee Sung-Kang's sensibilities and technology. It depicts a dreamlike journey into a world of fantasy that almost everyone might have imagined once, and intimates a wondrous and novel experience for the world's audiences.
Tens of millions of watercolor pictures and colors painted in natural lightsSubtle, natural colors inspired by the nature of Korea, and graceful lines portraying the enchanting allure of sky and sea; original characters and a beautiful background not to be found anywhere else in animation - all this and more are sources of pride and joy for the makers of .